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    For Support & Activation

     Phone: +91 4445568449

     Email: support@shaktioffice.in

    For Sales

     Phone: +91 4445568449

     Email: sales@shaktioffice.in

User-friendly is more than a marketing term for us. It is our core dream - To empower. Our software is a result of being tuned into the needs of you, the Indian user.

Shakti Office offers a number of applications that have been pinpointed by the Indian user as a must. These applications are enhanced with a number of unique features that make them doubly indispensable.

Features of Shakti Office :

  • Language option available across all applications
  • Inbuilt bi-lingual dictionary i.e. English to Tamil/Hindi and vice versa as well as an English-English-Tamil/Hindi dictionary and vice versa.
  • Transliterator feature - Type in English and get in Indian Language
  • Bi-lingual Spell Check
  • E-mail in the local language
  • Save documents in PDF format.
  • All SO documents, presentations, mails, etc. are compatible with Microsoft and other office suites.

Advantages of Shakti Office :

  • You don't need to know English
    Switch from English to any Indian language and back with a click while working any application. India with its vast population and languages has got a long way to go in being at ease with English. shakti Office asks you not to wait till that day comes. Get on the computer bandwagon instantly !
  • You don't need to be thorough in English or the Indian Language
    The inbuilt dictionary helps you find words in the English equivalent or Indian language equivalent in a jiffy.
  • You don't need to know how to write in the Indian Language
    Type in English and get it in Tamil.The Transliterator Feature makes things easier for those who aren't familiar with letters of the local language.
  • Your time will not be wasted doing manual spell-checks
    The Bi-lingual Spell Check will straighten out errors in both English and the Indian Language.
  • You can communicate in your mother tongue. E-mail in the local language is now possible.
  • You dont have to worry about compatibility
    Shakti Office is compatible with Microsoft and other office suites. Recipients of E-mails, documents, presentations, etc from Shakti Office users needn't have their computers running on shakti Office.

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