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This is more than your regular word processor.

Switch from English to an Indian Language and back with a click. Create Hinglish or any mix! SOwrite does not compromise good old english or experimentation.
Neither does it leave out the importance of regional languages in our lives.

Inbuilt Bi-lingual Dictionary lists out connotations, usage, synonyms apart from the English language or Indian Language equivalent of a word when in doubt.

Get political terms, technical terms and so much more from the Bi-lingual Dictionary.
For instance, find the equivalent for the Indian Constitution and its acts in the regional language.

Type in English and get in Indian Language. You don't need to know how to write in an Indian Language. The Transliterator will bail you out.

Indian names, Indian terms, etc. are no more spelling errors.

Bi-lingual Spell Check will straighten out spelling errors English and the regional language.

Shakti Office is compatible with Microsoft Office and other office suites.

Save your Indian language documents in PDF. The recipients needn't have to have the Indian language fonts on their computer.

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