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- What are the system requirements ?
- Do I need Microsoft Office installed on my computer in order for Shakti Office to work ?
- What's Shakti Office ?
- What applications does Shakti Office offer ?
- What are Shakti Office Suite's unique features ?
- Why Shakti Office ?
- What does SOwrite do ?
- What is SOcalc ?
- What's SOaccess ?
- What can one do with SOshow ?
- What's SOmail ?
- What all can one do with SOdraw ?
- What's SOnet ?

What are the system requirements ?

Shakti Office runs on Windows 98/Me or Windows NT/2000/XP.

Windows NT users must have appropriateaccess privileges (e.g. Administrator) to install and/or uninstall this version of Shakti for Windows. Consult yoursystems administrator for further information on Windows NT access privilege configuration.

64MB is suggested to be the bare minimum as more memory improves start-up speed and overall performance.

Do I
need Microsoft installed on my computer in order for Shakti Office to work ?

No. Shakti Office is a complete office suite that can run independently of Microsoft. Shakti Office will work even if Microsoft Office is present on your computer.

What's Shakti Office ?

Shakti Office is a suite that offers a number of applications that has been identified by Indian users at large as important. These applications come with unique features that have proved to be indispensable to the Indian user.